Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hey everyone! I am SO sorry that I've been missing in action. And this time when I say that, I really mean it! I know my last post I said that I was getting back on track, and I have been! My schedule has been a little hectic with some work stuff, and then working out has taken up a good chunk of my life. But, as things dwindle down, I promise to update this blog and my FaceBook page more.

As I said above, I am back on track! It was a long time coming, but I've finally fallen into the routine. I've been back on MyFitnessPal tracking my calories, and I am proud to say that I am working out five (5) days a week. At the end of May I joined the new Planet Fitness that opened near me, and I never looked back. My very first workout was June 9, 2015, and I have been making some great progress.

Two years ago (wow, it's really been that long), I lost 83 lbs. Over the last two years, I gained a little over half of it back. That left me at 30 lbs lost overall. Needless to say, when I stepped on the scale before I started back on track, it was a huge blow. Mainly because I know how hard I had worked before to lose the weight. I was discouraged, but I knew I had to start making changes now. I had issues with my right foot (plantar fasciitis), which was making even doing everyday things hard. I couldn't walk for long periods of time without extreme foot pain, and I was even beyond the point of shoe inserts helping. It was hard to find clothes I felt comfortable in, which was another huge blow because I never wanted to go back to that. And I was constantly being reminded by my loved ones that if I don't do it now, it will be so much harder to lose it later. So I decided it was now or never. The only issue was the foot pain. So, before I started working out, I started with the diet aspect. Once I dropped a little weight, and my foot didn't hurt so bad, I hit the gym.

I started small. I did the treadmill, played around with some of the weight machines. Slowly but surely, I began to do more. I remember the first time I stepped on the elliptical and could barely do 5 minutes at the slowest speed. Now I'm doing 30+ and I'm pushing myself ! I've come a long way, and I can't wait to keep getting better and doing more.

I've now been working out 5 days a week for about two months, and in that time I have lost 23.6 lbs to date. That brings me back up to 53 lbs total lost. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome I am feeling. My plantar fasciitis is GONE. I don't have that foot pain anymore! That's enough to make me completely ecstatic! I am getting so close to getting back to 80 lbs lost I can taste it. But, I have noticed a big difference this time around. Last time most of my workout was walking, which is an awesome workout in itself. But this time I've incorporated weights, which is helping me lose more inches. I do cardio (mostly on the elliptical) 5 days a week, and I switch off what parts of my body I work each day I go to the gym. So with the weight I have been dropping, I'm also shrinking more rapidly! My clothes are already fitting better and I can see the changes in some of my problem areas. Just recently my best friend looked at me and was like "your arms are getting so small!" I shrugged it off until I looked in the mirror this morning and realized she was right! My stomach is also starting to go down, as well as my thighs. I'm just so happy. Seriously. It makes all the hard work totally worth it.

I won't lie though, some days it's really hard to drag myself to the gym. I've had a couple of slip up days where I didn't go. I've also had some days where I've binged on food. Binge eating has always been an issue for me due to my food addiction. But these days, binge eating doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to. And when it does, it's not nearly as bad as it could be. Maybe one day I'll tell you what a binge day used to be.. haha. I have my off days, but thankfully I have a supportive circle of people around me who will not let me fail. Honestly, some days they are the only reason I make it through my workouts. I couldn't be more blessed to have their support and love.

I know I always said I would be an open book here, and I want to keep that promise. I've shared a lot about my weight loss journey on my personal FB page, which has mostly been met with nothing but support and love. However, there are a few who get sick of seeing me talk about it. The thing is, this is a HUGE part of my life right now. And if I can inspire just ONE person to take control and better themselves, than I've done what I've set out to do. I've been working on a post about why I want to share my journey that hopefully will be posted sometime this weekend.

But seriously, if I can do this, you can do it! Even small changes can do SO much more than you know. I'm definitely a fan of the quote "An avalanche begins with a snowflake" because it's so true. Something that seems so small can really start the ball rolling and get you moving in the right direction.Just keep your goals in mind, and keep pressing on. <3